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Adobe Photoshop CS6: Advanced

Photoshop CS6: Advanced, ACE Edition, is part of a three-course ILT series that will help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Photoshop CS6. Students will modify digital images and learn additional techniques for creating image effects. After completing this course, the student will be able to use Photoshop CS6 to work with multiple layers, use color and gradient fills and adjust color, create layer masks, create and edit vector shapes, and apply a variety of creative effects such as Puppet Warp and Liquif


Photoshop CS6: Basic Skills

Unit 1: Working with multiple layers

Topic A: Layer groups

Topic B: Blending modes

Topic C: Smart Objects

Topic D: Layer comps

Unit 2: Working with color

Topic A: Filling image areas

Topic B: Gradients and overlays

Topic C: Color adjustments

Unit 3: Masks

Topic A: Mask channels

Topic B: Layer masks

Topic C: Refine selections and masks

Unit 4: Vector shapes

Topic A: Vector layers

Topic B: Vector shapes

Topic C: Editing vector paths

Topic D: Vector paths and type

Unit 5: Creative image effects

Topic A: Warping

Topic B: Liquify

Topic C: Black and white and duotone images

Topic D: Smart Filters

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