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Creating Stunning Dashboards with QlikView

Creating Stunning Dashboards with QlikView

QlikView is one of the most powerful analytical tools in the market. Based on an in-memory associative model, it lets users freely navigate through the data, spot trends and make better decisions. This platform is capable of integrating a wide range of data sources like ERP systems, data warehouses or spreadsheets into a single application in order display dashboards with state-of-the-art visualizations.

Creating Stunning Dashboards with QlikView is an easy to follow that guides you through the process of creating an effective and engaging dashboard that delivers tangible value to the business. It starts with the identification of the business needs and the definition of the main KPIs, and takes you all the way to the application rollout.

Throughout the book, you will learn how to apply some of the best practices in the field of data visualization, create a robust navigation schema, chose the best chart types for each scenario and many other things that will help you create effective dashboards that uncover all the stories behind the data.

This course is focused on QlikView developers with a basic knowledge of scripting and layouts who want to improve their designing skills and build effective, eye-catching dashboards that deliver tangible value to their business.

  • Build a comprehensive library of QlikView components to speed up your developments
  • Define a practical roadmap that will help you build business-driven dashboards
  • Explore the most effective and engaging ways to present data
  • Apply the best practices in the field of data visualization
  • Avoid common pitfalls when creating bar, line and pie charts
  • Create robust visualizations such as heat maps, histograms and scatter plots


Module 1: Know Your Battlefield, Devise Your Strategy

·         Dashboards in perspective

·         Creating the perfect dashboard

·         Summary

Module 2: All about Dashboard Design Best Practices

·         Dashboard design best practices

·         Summary

Module 3: First Things First – The Dashboard Structure

·         Dashboard style

·         Layout and distribution

·         Filter panes

·         Current selections

·         General navigation

·         Summary

Module 4: It's Not Only about Charts

·         Text objects

·         Tables

·         Summary

Module 5: Handling "The Classics"

·         About "the classics"

·         Enhancing the classics: tips and tricks

·         Summary


Module 6: Creating Complex Visualizations

·         Histograms

·         Scatter plots

·         Color highlight

·         Gauges, gauges, gauges!

·         Geographic representations

·         Is that a table?

·         Overlapping objects

·         Extensions

·         Summary

Module 7: Enhance Your QlikView Experience

·         Folder structure

·         Opening and closing scripts

·         Subroutines

·         Variables – making your life easier

·         Backgrounds

·         Icons, symbols, and buttons

·         Color palettes

·         The object repository

·         Keeping in shape

·         Summary

Module 8: Before You Go

·         Before the rollout

·         The 10 commandments of QlikView design

·         After the rollout

·         Summary

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