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Excel 2016 Expert Skills Part 2

This course will teach you how to use Excel’s advanced features to streamline your work. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create sophisticated business tools.

Session 1: What If Analysis and Security

  • Create a single-input data table
  • Create a two-input data table
  • Define Scenarios
  • Create a scenario summary report
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Use Solver
  • Hide and unhide worksheets, columns and rows
  • Create custom views
  • Prevent unauthorized users from opening or modifying workbooks
  • Control the changes users can make to workbooks
  • Restrict the cells users are allowed to change
  • Allow different levels of access to a worksheet with multiple passwords

Session 2: Working with the Hyperlinks, Other Applications and Workgroups

  • Hyperlink to worksheets and ranges
  • Hyperlink to other workbooks and the Internet
  • Hyperlink to an e-mail address and enhance the browsing experience
  • Embed an Excel worksheet object into a Word document
  • Embed an Excel chart object into a Word document
  • Link an Excel worksheet to a Word document
  • Understand the three different ways to share a document
  • Share a workbook using lock method
  • Share a workbook using the merge method
  • Share a workbook on a network
  • Accept and reject changes to shared workbooks

Session 3: Macros

  • Understand macros and VBA
  • Record a macro with absolute references
  • Understand macro security
  • Implement macro security
  • Understand trusted documents
  • Record a macro with relative references
  • Use shapes to run macros
  • Run a macro from a button control
  • Show and hide Ribbon tabs
  • Add custom groups to standard Ribbon tabs
  • Create a custom Ribbon tab

Session 4: PivotTables

  • Create a one dimensional pivot table report from a table
  • Create a grouped pivot table report
  • Understand pivot table rows and columns
  • Use an external data source
  • Understand the PivotTable data cache
  • Apply a simple filter and sort to a pivot table
  • Use report filter fields
  • Filter a pivot table visually using slicers
  • Add a timeline to a PivotTable
  • Use slicers to create a data-driven interface
  • Use report filter fields to automatically create multiple pages
  • Format a pivot table using PivotTable styles
  • Create a custom PivotTable style
  • Understand pivot table report layouts
  • Add/remove subtotals and apply formatting to pivot table fields
  • Display multiple summations within a single pivot table
  • Add a calculated field to a pivot table
  • Add a calculated item to a pivot table
  • Group by Text
  • Group by Date
  • Group by numeric value ranges
  • Show row data by percentage of total rather than value
  • Create a pivot chart from a pivot table
  • Embed multiple pivot tables onto a worksheet
  • Use slicers to filter multiple pivot tables
  • Understand many-to-many relationships
  • Create an OLAP pivot table using a many-to-many relationship  

Thời lượng: 02 ngày
Giảng viên: Microsoft Certified Trainer, MOS Master
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