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ITIL® 2011 Foundation

In this course, you'll learn the core disciplines of ITIL best practices. Upon completing this course, you'll be well positioned to successfully complete the associated ITIL exam required for entry into the future ITIL intermediate-level training courses.

ITIL covers five core disciplines:

•          Service Strategy

•          Service Design

•          Service Transition

•          Service Operation

•          Continual Service Improvement

These disciplines represent a service lifecycle framework that further enhances alignment to the business while demonstrating business value and ROI and enabling IT to solve specific operational needs.

This course is intended for IT Managers, IT consultants, Key Business Users, IT Professionals, IT Support Staff, Application Manager, Project and Business Managers, any member of an IT team involved in the delivery of IT Services.

  • Identify and appreciate the various ITIL processes involved in IT Service Management
  • Learn the key business benefits of these processes and how to integrate them into your business’ IT services model
  • Gain insights into the synergy between organizational IT and the overall business
  • Learn ITSM concepts via an exciting and interactive simulation and practical case studies for easy implementation in the future
  • Obtain the “Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management”.

Module 1: Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle

·         Introduction/Housekeeping

·         Introduction to key ITIL® concepts

·         IT as a Service

·         Introduction to processes and process management

·         The Service Lifecycle approach

Module 2: Service Strategy

·         Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope

·         Value Creation through Services

·         Assets – Resources and Capabilities

·         Service Strategy – Main activities

·         Service Strategy processes

·         Service Portfolio management

·         Demand management

·         Financial management

·         Business Relationship Management

 Module 3: Service Design

·         Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope

·         Service Design processes

·         The 4 P’s

·         Service Design aspects

·         Service Catalog Management

·         Service Level Management

·         Capacity Management

·         Availability Management

·         IT Service Continuity Management

·         Information Security Management

·         Supplier management

·         Design Coordination

Module 4: Service Transition

·         Purpose, goal, objectives & Scope

·         Service Transition value to the business

·         Technology and architecture in Service Transition

·         Service Transition Processes

·         Transition, Planning and Support

·         Change Management

·         The 7 R’s of Change Management

·         Service Asset and Configuration Management

·         Release and Deployment Management

·         Knowledge Management

Module 5: Service Operation

·         Purpose, goal, objectives & scope

·         Service Operation definitions

·         Service Operations Processes

·         Event Management

·         Incident Management

·         Request Fulfillment

·         Problem Management

·         Access Management

Module 6: ITIL Function

·         The Service Desk

·         Technical Management

·         Application Management

·         IT Operations Management

Module 7: Continual Service Improvement

·         Purpose, goal, objectives & scope

·         Models and Processes

·         The Deming Cycle

·         Measurement and metrics

·         Continual Service Improvement activities

·         Continual Service Improvement model

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