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MB2-717/81055: Relationship Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Module 01: Introduction to Relationship Management

  • Module Overview
  • Customer Scenarios
  • Customer Organization Structure
  • Demonstration: Create a New Contact
  • Core Records
  • Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Module Review
  • Practice: Create an Account, Create a Contact and Associate Them Together

Module 02: Sales Component Setup

  • Module Overview
  • Sales Literature
  • Sales Literature vs. Microsoft SharePoint
  • Demonstration: Create Sales Literature
  • Practice: Create a Sales Literature Record
  • Competitors
  • Create, Maintain, and Use Competitors
  • Demonstration: Create a Competitor
  • Practice: Create a Competitor
  • Module Review

Module 03: Lead Management

  • Module Overview
  • The Role of Leads and Opportunities
  • Demonstration: Create a Lead
  • Lead to Opportunity Process Flow
  • Practice: Create and Disqualify a Lead
  • Demonstration: Lead to Opportunity Process Form and Ribbon
  • Practice: Create a Lead and Convert it to an Opportunity
  • Disqualifying and Reactivating Leads
  • Tracking and Converting Leads
  • Demonstration: Convert Emails to Leads
  • Module Review

Module 04: Working with Opportunity Records

  • Module Overview
  • Opportunities
  • Assigning Opportunities
  • Demonstrations: Create a New
  • Practice: Create a New Opportunity and Assign it to Another User
  • Closing Opportunities
  • Demonstration: Close and Reopen an Opportunity
  • Quick Create
  • Demonstrations: Quick Create Form
  • Connecting with Other Records
  • Connections
  • Demonstration: Use Connections with Opportunities
  • Competitors and Opportunities
  • Demonstration: Manage Competitors and Opportunities
  • Practice: Create an Opportunity and Assign a Competitor
  • Resolution Activities
  • Demonstration: View Resolution Activities
  • Opportunity Views
  • Demonstration: Manage Opportunities from Views
  • Module Review

Module 05: Relationship Insights

  • Module Overview
  • Overview of Relationship Insights
  • Configuring Relationship Insights
  • Demonstration: Configuring Relationship  Insights
  • Relationship Assistant
  • Demonstration: Overview of Relationship Landing Space
  • Email Engagement
  • Compose and Send Emails
  • Follow Emails and Attachments
  • Demonstration: Follow Emails and Attachments
  • Delay Send View
  • Demonstration: Delay Send View
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • Demonstration: Email Tracking and Analytics
  • Email Template Picker
  • Demonstration: Email Template Picker
  • Understanding Auto Capture
  • Demonstration: Auto Capture
  • Overview of Relationship Analytics
  • Module Review

Module 06: Introduction to Sales Analysis Tool

  • Module Overview
  • Advanced Find
  • Demonstration: Advanced Find
  • Practice: Use Advanced Find to Find and Export Records
  • Editable Grid
  • Demonstration: Editable Grid
  • Built in Reports
  • Demonstration: Run Sales Reports
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Excel Templates
  • Differences between Export to Excel and Excel Templates
  • Practice: Creating an Excel Template
  • Excel Online
  • Module Review

Module 07: Course Review

  • Course Review 

This course is intended for Application Consultant, Pre-sales, Sales.

Yêu cầu cơ bản/Prerequisites

  • Basic experience using Windows applications
  • Basic understanding of Sales in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Completion of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Introduction course
  • Examine common customer scenarios
  • Review core records and their purpose
  • Explore the customer organization structure
  • Review the main entities involved the Sales Process
  • Explore Microsoft Social Engagement and how it works within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module
  • Recognize how to work with sales literature
  • Create and associate competitors with records Define the roles of Lead and Opportunity records
  • Examine the Lead to Opportunity process flow
  • Describe lead record management
  • Convert activities to leads Describe of opportunity records
  • Create, work with, and close opportunities
  • Connect competitors to an opportunity record
  • Utilize Document Recommendations with Opportunities
  • View resolution activities
  • Manage opportunities from system views Configure Relationship Intelligence
  • Explore the Relationship Assistant
  • Utilize Email Engagement
  • Describe Auto-capture
  • Visualize the results with Engagement Analytics Explore basic data queries through Advanced Find
  • Enhance update capabilities with Editable grid
  • Review potential opportunities, forecast Revenue and analyze sales productivity using built-in reports
  • Utilize the Export to Excel feature
  • Use Excel Templates
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