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MB6-895/81198: General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise editi

This course reviews how to work with the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. It also reviews the currency and exchange rate setup, chart of accounts, general journals, intercompany accounting setup, sales tax setup and entry, period and year end processes, and finally eliminations and consolidations, and financial reporting.

This course helps prepare you for exam MB6-895


This course is intended for application consultant, solution architect.

Yêu cầu cơ bản/Prerequisites


  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Have a basic understanding of finance and accounting processes
  • Completed the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition courses
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for basic processing
  • General knowledge of basic navigation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Navigate the General Ledger Workspace
  • Set up Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Enable Exchange Rate Providers
  • Import Exchange Rates
  • Set up Periods and Fiscal Years
  • Set up Reason Codes and Period Allocations
  • Create Financial Dimensions
  • Configure Account Structures and Advanced Rules
  • Create a Main Account
  • Create Financial Dimension Sets
  • Complete Ledger Setup
  • Review the account setup for Automatic Transactions
  • Review General Ledger Parameters
  • Discuss Journal Controls and Posting Restrictions
  • Set up Balance Control Accounts
  • Review Inquiries and Reports
  • Review the entry process for General Journals
  • Create Journals Names
  • Review the entry and posting of General Journals
  • Complete posting Global General Ledger Journals
  • Review posting multiple journals, journals with workflow approval and periodic journals
  • Discuss ledger accruals and transaction reversals
  • Review posting intercompany transactions
  • Review setup for intercompany accounting
  • Post an intercompany transaction
  • Trace intercompany transactions
  • Review ledger posting groups
  • Create Sales Tax Authorities
  • Set up Sales Tax Settlement Periods
  • Create Sales Tax codes and Exemption codes
  • Create Sales Tax groups and Item Sales Tax groups
  • Review Sales Tax Transactions
  • Demonstrate Withholding Sales Tax
  • Set up fiscal year end close parameters
  • Create a new fiscal year
  • Control transactions in a closing period
  • Hold or close a period
  • Create year-end adjustments
  • Make adjustments or transfers between accounts
  • Transfer opening balances to the new year
  • Describe what a consolidation is
  • Review Eliminations
  • General consolidation considerations
  • Complete a consolidation
  • Foreign currency considerations
  • Use Financial Reporting for consolidation reporting

Module 1: General Ledger Workspace

  • Navigate the General Ledger Workspace

Module 2: Currency and Exchange Rate Setup

  • Currency and Exchange Rate Setup
  • Enable Exchange Rate Providers
  • Import Exchange Rates

Module 3: Fiscal Calendars

  • Periods and Fiscal Year Setup
  • Demo: Periods and Fiscal Year Setup
  • Reason Codes
  • Period Allocations  

Module 4: Financial Dimensions

  • Financial Dimensions

Module 5: Accounts structures and Advanced Rules

  • Configure Account Structures
  • Demo: Configure Account Structures
  • Advanced Rules

Module 6: Chart of Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Create Main Accounts
  • Demo: Create Main Accounts
  • Financial Dimension Sets
  • Ledger Setup

Module 7: General Ledger Setup

  • Accounts for Automatic Transactions
  • General Ledger Parameters
  • Demo: General Ledger Parameters
  • Journal Controls
  • Additional Journal Name Settings and Posting Restrictions
  • Balance Control Accounts

Module 8: Inquiries and Reporting

  • Inquiries and Reports
  • General Ledger Transactions and Reversals

Module 9: General Journals

  • Journal Entry Process
  • Journal Names
  • General Ledger Journals - Part 1
  • General Ledger Journals - Part 2
  • Global General Ledger Journals
  • Posting Multiple Journals
  • Journals with Workflow Approval
  • Voucher Templates
  • Periodic Journals

Module 10: Ledger Accruals

  • Ledger Accruals

Module 11: General Ledger Transaction Reversal

  • General Ledger Transaction Reversal
  • Reversing Entries

Module 12: Intercompany Accounting

  • Posting Setup
  • Post Intercompany Transactions
  • Trace an Intercompany Entry

Module 13: Sales Tax Setup

  • Introduction
  • Ledger Posting Groups
  • Demo: Ledger Posting Groups
  • Sales Tax Authorities
  • Sales Tax Settlement Periods
  • Sales Tax Codes
  • Demo: Sales Tax Codes
  • Sales Tax Exemption
  • Sales Tax Groups
  • Item Sales Tax Groups
  • Amount Includes Sales Tax

Module 14: Sales Tax Entry

  • Sales Tax Transactions
  • Demo: Sales Tax Transactions
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