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MB6-897/81208: Channel Management and Corporate Operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

  • Describe the features available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Review the architecture for retail functionality
  • Review key concepts and terminology
  • Review the user interface for headquarters, modern POS, and Cloud POS
  • Describe the Commerce Data Exchange, Commerce Run Time, and Real Time Service
  • Describe the features of organization modeling
  • Explain why organization modeling is important
  • Discuss terminology and concepts used with organization modeling
  • Create an organization and configure a hierarchy
  • Describe the hierarchy purposes and how they are used throughout the system
  • Describe the use and purpose of each type of retail channel available in Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Explain the relationship of a retail channel to the organization hierarchy
  • Create a new retail channel for brick and mortar stores
  • Create a new retail channel for online stores
  • Create a new retail channel for call centers
  • Describe the use and purpose of store locators
  • Create a new store locator group
  • Assign retail channels to a store locator
  • Explain the use and function of info codes
  • Describe a few examples of info codes
  • Create new info codes and sub codes
  • Translate info codes
  • Group info codes
  • Describe the sales tax components and concepts in Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Set up sales tax
  • Configure sales tax settings on retail channels
  • Describe inclusive and exclusive tax
  • Set up sales tax overrides
  • Configure destination based taxes
  • Describe the payment methods available
  • Set up new payment methods
  • Explain credit card process
  • Complete additional setup for credit card payment types
  • Link payment methods to a retail channel
  • Describe the setup components for the retail point of sale (POS)
  • Describe the types of POS profiles
  • Create an offline profile
  • Set up a functionality profile
  • Design a receipt format
  • Configure hardware profiles
  • Set up a visual profile
  • Configure email notification profiles
  • Describe the elements of a good point of sale (POS) design
  • Describe and create new POS registers
  • Discuss the creation of devices
  • Describe the functionality of a screen layout
  • Review an example of a modern POS and cloud POS
  • Create a new screen layout, button grids, add images, and configure keyboard mapping
  • Describe operations
  • Create a permission group
  • Create jobs, positions, and assign a worker to the job
  • Override permissions on a worker
  • Configure the global address book for store-worker assignments
  • Review the security available for retail
  • Describe the prerequisites for loyalty management
  • Set up date intervals
  • Set up reward points
  • Configure a loyalty program
  • Define loyalty tiers and tier rules
  • Create loyalty schemes
  • Set up loyalty cards
  • Describe the features of gift cards
  • Set up gift cards
  • Void a gift card
  • Add an amount to a gift card
  • View gift card transactions
  • Unlock a gift card
  • Describe the flow for online store transactions
  • Synchronize online orders to Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Send email receipts and notifications
  • Redeploy the point of sale (POS)
  • Describe the data distribution process
  • Run a data distribution job
  • Describe the statuses for data distribution jobs
  • View retail channel transactions
  • View sales by channel and products
  • View shifts with their transactions and print a Z-report
  • View the status of the Commerce Data Exchange services
  • Review open statements
  • View posted statements
  • Review the batch process for statements

This course is intended for Application Consultant and Solution Architect

Yêu cầu cơ bản/Prerequisites:

  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • General knowledge of basic navigation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Basic knowledge of retail processes and procedures

Module 01: Basic Architecture and Navigation

  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Additional Features and Architecture
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Interfaces
  • Navigation in Dynamics 365 for Retail

Module 02: Organizational Modeling

  • Organizational Modeling Overview
  • Concepts and Conceptual Models
  • Configuring an Organization Model
  • Demo: Legal Entities Form
  • Retail Operating Units
  • Demo: Create and modify an operating unit
  • Hierarchy Purposes
  • Demo: Create a Hierarchy, Assign a Purpose, and Review a Sample

Module 03: Retail Channels

  • Retail Channel Overview
  • Retail Channel and Organization Hierarchies
  • About Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Set Up a Retail Store
  • Demo: Set up a Retail Store
  • Online Store Overview
  • Demo: Create and Set up an Online Store
  • Demo: Add an Online Store to an Organization Hierarchy
  • Call Center Overview
  • Demo: Create a Call Center

Module 04: Core Prerequisite Configuration and Parameters

  • About Store Locators
  • Store Locator Group Setup
  • Demo: Set up a Store Locator Group
  • About Info Codes
  • Set Up Info Codes and Sub Codes
  • Demo: Create an Info Code and Sub Code
  • Assigning Info Codes
  • Demo: Link Info Codes
  • Translating Info Codes
  • Grouping Info Codes
  • Demo: Create an Info Code Group
  • Set Up Retail Parameters
  • Demo: View the Retail Parameters
  • Retail Email Notification Profile
  • Demo: Set up an Email Notification Profile
  • Demo: Create an Email Template
  • Demo: Set up General Retail Shared Parameters

Module 05: Sales Tax

  • Concepts
  • Sales Tax Scenarios
  • Sales Tax Conceptual Model
  • Process
  • Demo: Using Sales Tax Codes and Groups
  • Sales Tax Overrides
  • Demo: Using Sales Tax Overrides
  • Demo: Tax Settings in Retail Stores and Online Stores

Module 06: Payment Management

  • Retail Payment Types
  • Demo: Create a Payment Method
  • Payment Connectors
  • Setting Up Cards
  • Demo: Create a Card Type and Number
  • Additional Card Setup
  • How to Set Up Retail Channel Payment Methods
  • Demo: Add Payment Methods, Card Types, and Currencies

Module 07: POS Setup

  • POS Setup Process
  • Channel Integration
  • POS Offline Profiles
  • Demo: Create and Link an Offline Profile
  • Functionality Profile Overview
  • Receipt Format Masks
  • Demo: Create and Link a Functionality Profile
  • About Receipt Profiles and Formats
  • Setup Process
  • Demo: Create and Design a Receipt Format and Create and Link Profiles
  • Hardware Profile Components
  • Demo: Show a Hardware Profile
  • Visual Profile Components
  • Demo: Create and Link a New Visual Profile
  • Email Notification Prerequisite Setup
  • Demo: Set Default Options and Email Options for Customers

Module 08: POS Design

  • Components of a POS
  • POS Considerations
  • About POS Registers
  • Demo: Create a POS Register
  • Create a Device
  • Demo: Create a Device
  • Retail POS Layout
  • View POS Layout
  • Demo: Show the Cloud POS Layout
  • Adding an Image
  • Demo: Add an Image
  • Create a Button Grid
  • Demo: Create and Configure a Button Grid
  • Demo: Create and Configure a Screen Layout
  • Security Considerations
  • Keyboard Mapping Groups
  • Demo: Create and Configure a Keyboard Mapping Group

Module 09: Workers and Security

  • Worker Operations
  • Additional Worker Operations
  • Demo: Create a POS Permission Group
  • Creating Jobs, Positions, and Workers
  • Demo: Create a Job
  • Demo: Create a Position
  • Demo: Create a Worker, Override Permissions, and Assign Screen Layouts
  • About Global Address Books
  • Demo: Create and Link an Address Book
  • Retail Security Roles

Module 10: Loyalty Management

  • Retail Loyalty ProgramsDemo: Create a Position
  • Loyalty Setup
  • Loyalty Prerequisites
  • Configure Loyalty Reward Points
  • Demo: Configure Loyalty Reward Points
  • Demo: Create a Price Group and Loyalty Program
  • Add Loyalty Schemes
  • Demo: Create and Configure a Loyalty Scheme
  • Configure a Loyalty Program
  • Demo: Create and Configure a Loyalty Card
  • Loyalty Transactions
  • Demo: View Reward Transactions
  • Conflicting Loyalty Card Numbers
  • Updating Loyalty Card Tiers
  • Demo: Run the Update Loyalty Card Tiers Batch Job
  • How to Process Offline Loyalty Transactions
  • Demo: View Shared Retail Parameters and the Posted Earned Points in Batches Job

Module 11: Gift Cards

  • Features
  • Intercompany Restrictions
  • Gift Card Accounting
  • Setup Process
  • Demo: Setup Process
  • Call Center Gift Card Operations
  • Demo: Run Call Center Gift Card Operations

Module 12: IT Functions and Configuration

  • About Online Store Transactions
  • Demo: Online Store Transactions
  • Send Email Process
  • Demo: Send Email Process
  • POS Redeployment
  • Data Distribution Setup Process
  • Demo: Data Distribution

Module 13: Reporting

  • About Retail Channel Transactions
  • Demo: View Transactions
  • Retail Sales Form
  • Demo: View the Retail Sales Form
  • View Shifts
  • Demo: View the Shifts Form
  • Test Connections
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity

 Module 14: End of Day Operation

  • Statement Posting Process
  • Create Statements
  • Statement Actions
  • Demo: Create, Calculate, and Post a Statement
  • How to View Posted Statements
  • Demo: View Posted Statements
  • About Batch Process for Statements
  • Demo: Run a Batch Process for Statements
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