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MB6-897/81211: Call Centers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

This course describes Call Centers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail.  It begins with an introduction to call center configuration, and then goes on to describe catalogs, their basic features and how to create and modify them. Pricing and discounts for the retail call centers are then reviewed and you will see how to create price groups and coupons, as well as set up margin alerts and price overrides.

The course then goes on to describe how to manage customers through Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. Creating and selling retail products is then described as well as up-selling, cross-selling and the setup and maintenance necessary for gift cards. In-depth information about sales order management is provided including search methods, the detailed order status available, order notes and how they are used, as well as cancelations and constraints.

Payment configuration in call centers is then described covering the types of payments that are available out of the box and how to set up a new payment method as well as credit card processing and setting up payments on sales orders. The various payment workbenches for call centers are then reviewed.  The course then goes on to describe retail installment billing, the overall setup procedures and outline the steps for processing installment billing on sales orders.

The course then covers returns and RMA processing and describes how to set up and use retail continuity programs as well as how to set up and use retail order holds and manage fraud checking for sales orders.  Finally, it describes how to configure and use direct delivery on and how to quickly and easily generate picking lists for orders that are ready for shipment. 

This course helps prepare you for exam  MB6-897.

This course is intended for Application Consultant, Project Manager, Sales, Solution Architect, Technology Consultant

Yêu cầu cơ bản/Prerequisites:

  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • General knowledge of basic navigation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail
  • Basic knowledge of retail processes
  • Review call centers
  • Discuss how to maintain users, payment methods, price groups, and modes of delivery
  • Define and discuss recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis
  • Discuss order holds and fraud rules
  • Define continuity programs
  • Describe the catalog setup process
  • Review examples of how catalogs can be used
  • Describe the features of catalogs
  • Create a new catalog
  • Add channels and products to catalogs
  • Modify existing catalogs
  • Validate, submit, review, and approve catalogs
  • Discuss the source code setup process
  • Demonstrate how to create a target market
  • Discuss the benefits of using scripts
  • Describe the pricing and discounting features
  • Create a price group
  • Create a coupon and apply it to an order
  • Set up margin alerts
  • Set up price overrides
  • Explain price details
  • Explore the customer service features
  • Walkthrough how to create customers
  • Discuss the duplicate checking methods
  • Demonstrate how to merge and unmerge customers
  • Walkthrough the product creation process
  • Review how to create up-sell and cross-sell items
  • Explain supplementary item management
  • Review setup and maintenance of gift cards
  • Demonstrate how to perform a customer search
  • Demonstrate how to perform an item search
  • Review the order statuses
  • Discuss sales order header view and line view
  • Discuss the additional features on the Sales order form
  • Review how to view order notes
  • Explain order cancelling and its restraints
  • Walk through the price match process
  • Walk through the sales order purge process
  • Describe order events and user codes
  • Set up methods of payment
  • Set up credit card vendors
  • Demonstrate the credit card processor setup
  • Create payments on sales orders
  • Review the various payment statuses
  • Utilize prepayments on a sales order
  • Use the credit card workbenches
  • Utilize the refund check workbenches
  • Set up and use check holds
  • Walkthrough installment billing process
  • Set up installment plans
  • Discuss adding installments to a sales order
  • Review periodic processes for installment billing
  • Discuss the returns and RMAs process
  • Review the call center return parameters
  • Demonstrate how to create an RMA
  • Walk through how to process RMAs in the warehouse
  • Discuss continuity programs
  • Create a continuity program
  • Explain continuity updates
  • Create sales orders with continuity
  • Explain continuity processes
  • Cover periodic processes
  • Review the order holds codes form
  • Discuss reason codes
  • Define call center parameters for holds
  • Review the process for setting up fraud rules
  • Review how to create static date for fraud checking
  • Demonstrate how to create variables for fraud checking
  • Discuss how to create conditions for fraud checking
  • Review how to create rules for fraud checking
  • Walk through how to place an order on hold manually
  • Review the sales order holds workbench
  • Review clearing holds
  • Walk through how to check holds in and out
  • Review the direct delivery process
  • Configure products for direct delivery
  • Discussing creating a sales order for direct delivery
  • Discuss the direct delivery phases
  • Review finalizing direct delivery
  • Review the picking workbench process
  • Discuss the picking setup
  • Demonstrate how to create a workbench profile
  • Walk through how to generate picking lists
  • Demonstrate how to generate picking workbench sessions 

Module 01: Call Center Configuration

  • About Call Centers
  • Demo: Create a Call Center
  • Demo: Call Center Parameters
  • Demo: Add Channel Users
  • Demo: Create a New Payment Method
  • Demo: Link a Price Group to a Call Center
  • Demo: Associate Modes of Delivery to a Call Center Retail Channel
  • Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) Analysis
  • Demo: Set Up RFM Analysis
  • Order Holds
  • Demo: Place an Order on Hold
  • Fraud Rules
  • Demo: Create a Fraud Rule
  • Continuity Programs

Module 02: Catalogs Management

  • Catalogs
  • Demo: Add a call center channel
  • Demo: Create a New Catalog and Add Channels
  • Demo: Add Products to a Catalog
  • Demo: Modify an Existing Catalog. Validate, Approve, and Publish a Catalog
  • Source Code Setup
  • Demo: Set up Parameters for Source Codes
  • Target Market Setup Process
  • Demo: Setup List Types, Brokers, Create a Target Market and Rental Types
  • Setup Catalog Pages
  • Demo: Create Page Types and Page Positions
  • Script Setup
  • Demo: Setup a Script
  • Demo: Add a script to a customer, item, or catalog

Module 03: Pricing and Discounts

  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Demo: Create a New Retail Price Group
  • Coupon Attributes
  • Create a Coupon
  • Apply a Coupon to an order
  • Margin Alerts Setup
  • Enable and View Price Details

Module 04: Customer Management

  • Customer Service Features
  • Demo: Search for a Customer
  • Customer Attributes
  • Demo: Create a Customer for Customer Service
  • Duplicate Checking Methods
  • Merged Information
  • Demo: Manually Merge duplicated customer records

Module 05: Product Management

  • Creating Products
  • Retail Product Types
  • Demo: Create a New Product
  • Cross-Selling and Up-selling
  • Demo: Set up Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Variables
  • Demo: Create a Sales Order With a Cross-Sell Item
  • Supplementary Items Overview
  • Call Center Gift Cards
  • Demo: Review the Gift Card Item, Parameters

Module 06: Sales Order Management

  • Search for a Customer
  • Demo: Search for a Customer
  • Search for an Item and Use Search Item
  • Demo: Search for an Item and Use Search Item
  • About Detailed Statuses
  • Header View and Line View
  • Additional Buttons
  • Demo: View Additional Item Information
  • Access to Notes
  • Demo: Create an Order Note
  • Cancellation and Constraints
  • Demo: Cancel an Order
  • Price Match Process
  • Demo: Purge Sales Orders and Review the Purged Record
  • Events
  • Demo: Review the Order Events Page

Module 07: Payment Configuration

  • Types of Payments
  • Demo: Set up and Add Payment Methods to a Call Center
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Demo: Set up Payment on a Sales Order
  • Sales Order Payment Statuses
  • Demo: View Payment Status on a Sales Order
  • About Prepayment
  • Demo: Create a Sales Order with Prepayment

Module 08: Payment Workbenches

  • Credit Card Workbenches Overview
  • Demo: Credit Card Workbenches
  • Refund Check Process
  • Demo: Refund Checks
  • Check Holds
  • Demonstration: Setup and Review Check Holds

Module 09: Installment Billing

  • Installment Billing Process
  • Set Up Installment Billing
  • Using Installment Billing on a Sales Order
  • Periodic Processes

Module 10: Returns and RMA Processing

  • Return and Exchange Process
  • Call Center Parameters
  • Demo: Define Parameters
  • Demo: Create an RMA, Exchange or Replacement.
  • Process Return Options

 Module 11: Continuity Configuration

  • About Continuity
  • Continuity Program Procedures
  • Continuity Program Setup
  • Continuity Updates Workbench
  • Sales Orders with Continuity
  • Batch Processing

Module 12: Order Holds and Fraud Management

  • Order Hold Codes Form
  • Demo: Create Order Hold Codes
  • Demo: Order Hold Parameters
  • Setup Rules for Fraud Alert
  • Demo: Create Static Data
  • Demo: Create a Variable
  • Conditions Field Type
  • Demo: Create Conditions
  • Fraud Rules
  • Demo: Create Rules
  • Prerequisites
  • Demo: Place a Sales Order on Hold
  • Hold Workbench
  • Clear a Hold
  • Demo: Check a Hold In or Out

Module 13: Direct Delivery

  • Direct Delivery Overview
  • Products for Direct Delivery
  • Create a Sales Order for Direct Delivery
  • Direct Delivery Phases
  • Finalizing Direct Delivery

Module 14: Picking Workbench

  • Create Pick Waves
  • Picking Setup Process
  • Workbench Profiles
  • General Workflow of Picking
  • Picking Workbench Sessions
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