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Outlook 2013 Advanced Skills

In this ILT Series course students will learn how to subscribe to RSS news feeds and use the Outlook Social Connector to stay current with colleagues. Students will also learn how to manage their mailboxes and archive their mail, create and work with notes and Journal entries, share Outlook calendars and contacts, create e-mail templates, and use mail merge to send personalized messages to groups of contacts.


Concepts – Activities

Unit 1: Customizing Outlook

Topic A:  The Outlook environment

Topic B:  General options and account settings

Topic C:  Quick Steps

Topic D:  The Folder pane and Navigation bar

Unit 2: Customizing messages

Topic A:  Message appearance

Topic B:  Signatures

Topic C:  Voting buttons

Topic D:  Out-of-office messages

Unit 3: Mailbox organization and management

Topic A:  Setting rules

Topic B:  Managing your mailbox

Unit 4: Organizing items

Topic A:  Folders

Topic B:  Searching

Topic C:  Advanced filtering

Topic D:  Categories

Unit 5: Notes and Journals

Topic A:  Recording information with notes

Topic B:  Tracking activities with the Journal

Unit 6: Collaboration

Topic A:  Sharing your calendar and contacts

Topic B:  Staying informed with RSS

Thời lượng: 02 ngày
Giảng viên: Microsoft Certified Trainer
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