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Project 2013 Basic Skills

This course teaches the basic commands and features of Microsoft Project 2013. Students will learn how to create and modify task lists, establish a project schedule, create calendars, assign resources to tasks, track costs, and work with different views and tables. Students will also apply filters and groups, and sort task and resource data. Finally, they will learn how to resolve resource conflicts. 


Concepts – Activities

1: Getting started

Topic A: Project management concepts

Topic B: The Project window

Topic C: Project files

2: Tasks

Topic A: Creating a task list

Topic B: Modifying a task list

Topic C: The Work Breakdown Structure

3: Task scheduling

Topic A: Task links

Topic B: Task relationships

Topic C: Task options

4: Resource management

Topic A: The base calendar

Topic B: Resources and calendars

Topic C: Project costs

5: Views and tables

Topic A: Working with views

Topic B: Working with tables

6: Filters, groups, and sorting

Topic A: Filters

Topic B: Groups

Topic C: Sorting tasks and resources

7: Finalizing the task plan

Topic A: Finalizing schedules

Topic B: Handling resource conflicts

Thời lượng: 02 ngày
Giảng viên: Microsoft Certified Trainer, MOS Master
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