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SolidWorks Drawing

This course teaches you how to make drawings of SolidWorks parts and assemblies. 

This class introduces the student to 2D drafting in a SolidWorks 3D modeling environment. Students will focus solely on drafting techniques for both SolidWorks parts and assemblies. This will include functionality ranging from drawing and document setup up through custom and standard view creation. 

Students attending this course are expected to have the following

  • SolidWorks Essentials   
  • Mechanical Design Experience 
  • Windows Experience 

Students will know how to utilize SolidWorks to create 2D drawings of production level parametric models of parts and assemblies. They will be familiar with the SolidWorks user interface as well as tools and techniques for creating quality 2D representations of 3D solid models. 

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Terminology

  • Drawing Views

  • Sketching in Drawing Views

  • View Settings

  • Centermarks and Centerlines

  • Model Edges in the View


  • Dimensions

  • Moving and Deleting Dimensions

  • Dimension Properties


  • Adding Annotations

  • Annotation Types

  • Blocks

Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Drawing Templates

  • Properties in the Template

  • User Defined Properties

  • Customizing a Sheet Format

  • Importing Legacy Data

  • Define Title Block

  • Updating Sheet Formats

Assembly Drawing Views

  • Assembly Drawing Views

  • Creating Views of Assemblies

Bill of Materials and Tables

  • Creating and Managing a Bill of Materials
  • The Bill of Materials
  • Adding a BOM
  • Modifying the BOM
  • Tabulated Bill of Materials
  • Design Tables in the Drawing

Performance and Display Issues

  • Performance and Display Issues
  • Large Assembly Mode
  • Lightweight Drawings
  • Detached Drawings
  • Display Issues in Drawing Views

Drawing References and Comparison

  • Reusing a Drawing File
  • Changing Drawing References
  • Using DrawCompare
  • Design Checker

Using DimXpert and TolAnalyst

  • DimXpert
  • Tolerance Types and Features
  • DimXpert Selections
  • Settings for DimXpert
  • Auto Dimension Scheme
  • Turned Part
  • Using Plus and Minus
  • DimXpert Annotations and Drawings
  • Using DimXpert Manually
  • TolAnalyst
Summary and Testing







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