Lab & Classroom Rental

Tan Duc IT School provides professional Lab & Classroom rental for your training, seminar or education class.

Our room rental facility offers a large computer classroom for up to 25 persons.

Presentation Services

  • High-end PC or laptops:
    • Desktop: Intel Core i5-7500 (3.4GHz), HDD 1TB, Ram 16Gb/ 32GB, LCD 19” Super/XVGA
    • Laptop: Intel Core i5 1.6- 2.4G, Ram 8GB, Màn hình 15.1", Ổ cứng: 250G - 500G.
  • Projector with large size screen
  • Whiteboards, flipchart
  • Supporting computer for the presenter/instructor
  • High speech internet access

Additional Service

  • Free parking
  • Technical and set-up support full time
  • Teabreak (optional)
  • Lunch (optional)



For more information, please contact us

Tel: 08 38245819