Virtual classroom training

Online training solution for businesses/individuals

Tan Duc ITS provides virtual classroom training through Microsoft Teams.

Virtual classroom - is an environment that takes place in real-time. On the day of the study, ­students will click on the provided invitation link to start taking the course.

Virtual classroom training at Tan Duc ITS has the following benefits:

Study time and location depend on you - Virtual classroom training allows students to choose when, where and how they will take the desired course. You can take virtual classes at home, at work or on your vacation. Classes take place in real-time.

  • The schedule is sent and students just need to click the link to join.
  • Flexible in terms of time: by session and by day

Cost-effective - Virtual classroom training saves time and money. Instead of paying for transportations and accommodations to attend a course, you can get the comfort of your home/organization. Through the virtual environment, you will have access to a large number of online learning resources.

Via user-friendly softwareThe software used for online learning is Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Using new technologies that allow students from all over the world to work together in one place - a virtual classroom. Currently, many international companies connect their employees from different locations through their cloud operating systems.

Build community with instant feedback - Virtual classroom is a space where you can make new contacts and interact with your colleagues to discuss courses or other issues. Students can interact with trainers/classmates via live chat, audio, video, screen sharing...

Students taking virtual classes only need to prepare:

  • Computer laptop with an internet connection
  • Computer/laptop with built-in Audio, Webcam, Headphones
  • Required software (depending on program content)

Training programs:

Customers can choose the courses available at Tan Duc ITS website or let us know your needs, Tan Duc ITS will customize courses to suit your goals.

(Azure, Windows Server, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Power BI,….)

(Excel, PowerPoint, Project,…)

(Architect, Developing, Operation, …)

If you have further inquires, please contact hotline 028 38245819 or email